Jedidiah Brown’s Speech at DuSable For the March on Washington Commemoration

621079_10151807595594111_932370535_oI am standing here today in the foot prints of John Lewis, who 50 years ago represented the non violent, young slightly militant activist. 50 years ago Lewis said “We want our freedom, and we want it now”

50 years later, Are we free?
Free when our voting rights act has been crippled?
Are we free when we see schools closing in our neighborhood and have no say so?
Are we free when we are afraid to let our children be children when they are slain in their own community?

John Lewis said ” We will not wait for the courts to act, for we have waited hundreds of years…” Well I say we have waited 50 more.

Dr._King-mod_t580 Dr King made it clear that no paper will do this for us:
“No body else can do this for us, no document can do this for us, no civil rights bill can do this for us… If we are truly going to be free we must move down into the inner resources of our own soul and sign with a pen and ink of self asserted manhood our own emancipation proclamation. ”

We cannot address black excellence nor black power until we can once again declare and mean “I’m Black and I’m Proud”. We need to sign ourselves over to freedom, The emancipation proclamation was signed 100 years ago… Today it is our turn

We must remember the power and possibility of MLK’s dream. 50 years from now our Children will remember us today… What will they say?
They will say we defined ourselves… We named ourselves. No longer will we settle for what others have called us. No longer are we coons, niggers, negroes, or colored. We will not accept what the media has said and continues to say; no longer with words but now with imagery.

220px-Bayard_Rustin_NYWTS_3-1When we stand before an American Court of Law, we are asked to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… So help me God… But 50 years later Still today somebody told a lie… Still today we are portrayed as lazy, aggressive, suspicious oh wait suspect, poor, conciousless animals… And the biggest lie of the black man is that we are hopeless.. Well Hopeless and chosen do not mix. Through slavery, racism prejudice and stereotypes, disenfranchisement and un-leveled playing fields – God didn’t bring us this far to leave us now.
We are not the stereotypes, we are not the manidgo, we are not the mammy, we are not the thug… We are the janiyas, We are Hadiya, We are Trayvon

Our soul needs cleansing, and while our soul needs cleansing america’s soul needs cleansing too if it will not properly acknowledge the color that made it great!

eefbc8b91a4bd1283b7446879a9308c800f19d78Black made it great.. and it is not enough to have one black president but it is time to elect a president so black he’s blue and every time a racist wakes up in america… he cringes. It is time to Buy Black and support our own. It is time to have all our children understand their black power. Black power at the polls, Black Power in their community and Black power in their inner self.
I quote Representative Lewis When I say “We cannot be patient, we do not want to be free gradually, we want our freedom, and we want it now… we must free ourselves of the chains of political and economic slavery” Economic Slavery doesn’t support its own. Economic Slaves send their 1 Trillion Dollars of spending power to other communities, leaving our own on welfare. Leaving their own waiting… Waiting for government, waiting on permission… waiting on a dream.
We won’t wait for Dr Kings Dream Any Longer 50 years has been too long… It is time it manifest. We want our Freedom and we We want it now.


New Home of Chicago YLA


National President Jedidiah Brown and Chicago Chapter President Dryrl Burnett standing in front of the new home of Young Leaders Alliance Chicago Chapter (SE). CONGRATULATIONS!! #YLA